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What do you say when you finally find the place that speaks to your inner child and connects with your outer adult? Wally Cleaver knew, now you do too: JEE-Wiz.


You’re ready to improve your life and help the environment a bit. You have decided to just say “no” to living with new, functional, practical furnishings that fill your home and “yes” to purchasing old, impractical stuff that looks really cool.

You’ve made an important and wise decision.




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 Garage signage and displays

 Early TV's and radios

 Tools: wood handled and early electric

‣  Early electric kitchen: toasters, waffle, coffee

When cool is still what it used to be. 

Whether it’s antique or vintage, art or junque, it has gotta' look good in your home, office, basement, garage, or where ever you do your best thinking about being somewhere else.

We make the forgotten unforgettable.

About Us

From the finest offices of the mid twentieth century, to your home. Now all you need is a secretary named Miss Butterbaum.

Offering an old

 Custom displays

 Phones & intercomms

Tools from the days when only professionals had them; military gear from the wars when the enemy wore uniforms; smoking accessories from a time when retirement funds didn't need to last past 62; and beer - always there will be beer.

Let the world know your toys are better than theirs - by proudly displaying them in a case that's cooler than theirs.

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